Format Photography Festival – Testimonial

From Debbie Cooper, Producer of FORMAT International Photography Festival:

“Tom delivered a workshop on behalf of FORMAT Festival called ‘Writing About Photography’. This was a hands on workshop which enabled photographers and photography enthusiasts to understand how to write about photography in a way that is interesting and useful to magazines editors, curators and for the artists own website.

“Many of the people who attended were astonished they hadn’t learnt these skills at University, and Tom demystified the process in an incredibly engaging, fun and useful way.

The session also covered writing a short statement about your own or other photographers work. This enabled the participants to strip down their thoughts into a concise and impactful statement, which was incredibly beneficial.

“As a curator and producer for FORMAT Festival, it would make mine and my colleagues lives much easier if more photographers were able to write about their work in a concise and impactful way, I hope to get Tom to come back to work with more photographers to keep promoting the importance of the written word paired with photography, and how this skill can help shape a photographers career.”

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