The Photographic Collections Network – testimonial

I was invited by The Photographic Collections Network, an initiative from Arts Council England, to run a two hour online workshop for curators, collectors and photography academics. I spoke about how to think about photography from a journalistic perspective, how to create press campaigns, how to package work for a general audience, and how to raise awareness and generate interest in photographic exhibitions.

From Paul Herrmann, Director of Redeye and The Photographic Collections Network:

“Tom delivered a two hour online workshop for the Photographic Collections Network, via Zoom, in May 2020. I think I learnt more about about reaching and working with the specialist and mainstream press in those two hours than I could have possibly hoped. Tom is an accomplished journalist with traditional values but a contemporary outlook. He got straight down to business and took us through the elements of a successful press campaign; explaining how to make the best story from our material, where and how to pitch, what various media organisations are looking for, and how we can maximise the chance of coverage. I’d strongly recommend Tom for anyone looking to increase the press coverage for their project or organisation.”

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